Cauliflower leaves and stems juice

Nutritious cauliflower leaves and stems

Cauliflower leaves and stems can also be used to create nutritious juices along with fruits and vegetables.

Cauliflower leaves contain more than twice the amount of protein than that in cauliflower, double the amount of carbs, is a richer source of dietary fiber and the greens provide thrice the amount of minerals. It is also an exceptionally good source of calcium and is inexpensive as it is mostly thrown away.

Check out my video with these simple recipes below.

Oven Grilled / Roasted vegetables

Winters are approaching, festivals are arriving, and Coronavirus is still lurking around. So we have to stay fit, vigilant as well as have fun! And what is fun without food….With loads of veggies of the winter season, its the perfect time for grilled/roasted food.

Don’t have any BBQ, no worries! Watch, prepare and enjoy a scrumptious oven grilled/roasted vegan/vegetarian recipe the video of my new recipe.

Tisanes /herbal teas


With the commencement of lockdown and social distancing due to coronavirus, people have started making delicious food at home. So once you are done having heavy meals daily, take a sip of one of the three extremely simple Tisanes that I have shown in my video below.  They ‘ll detox your body as well as your digestive system.

Tisanes are getting popular and preferred over teas and coffees as they do not contain caffeine. Try to have them preferably the first thing in the morning.



Microgreens Salad

Microgreens Salad

Continuing from my last blog, I am sharing a tasty healthy vegan, out of the box recipe for all age groups, that can be enhanced by microgreens.

It is a complete LIVE FOOD, hence its nutritional value increases multifold. The recipe includes ingredients like sprouts, dry fruits and freshly grown microgreens, which are rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants. You can have it in your breakfast or lunch every day and see the difference in your energy levels, mood, physical and mental make-up while decrease in symptoms of diseases.

It is easy to make, does’nt require any cooking and is fit for lazy people who want good health without cooking food.



Soilless microgreens

Microgreens are vegetables ,herbs, pulses, lentils or grains greens harvested just after a pair of leaves have developed. They are more than sprouts but less than saplings typically ranging anywhere between 3 cm to 10 cm varying according to plant type.

Microgreens are quite in fashion these days. With the increase in deficiency of vitamins and minerals and increase in cancer in humans, they are in high demand.

Microgreens are packed with nutrients and are rich in antioxidants. Because they have to be eaten raw, there is no loss of nutrients (as they are not cooked). They come under vegan category.

I am posting a video with step by step method on how to grow soilless microgreens below: