Is someone bothering you ?

Laws of karma are complex. While it is clear that you reap what you sow, some believe karmas affect us from our previous lives and some believe that everything happens in this lifetime only.
Somehow, I have always felt attracted towards concentrating on solutions. Also,having the fortune of meeting a lot of spiritual masters in my twenties might have altered my thought pattern.
Most people have experienced this common life situation where someone keeps troubling/bothering them. It becomes a painful situation and may even get out of hand.
But there are solutions for even the toughest situations; we just have to decode them.
There are some laws of the universe that we need to understand and one of them is the Law of Duality. – Day:Night , Good:Bad, Sweet:Sour , Beautiful:Ugly, Hot:Cold, Problem:Solution.
Law of Duality
If someone is bothering you, the human body has only two responses – Fight : Flight.
Fight – Fight may lead to dangerous consequences or may aggravate the situation.
Flight – Flight means to run away or to avoid the person or situation.
But for how long can you run away from a person whom you meet everyday or every few days? This can be a very tough and uncomfortable  situation but the level of suffering is in your hands.
The solution is to increase your good deeds/ karmas. Start helping people as much as you can, indulge in charities, start some new project  or a hobby ( the idea is to get busy MENTALLY so that your whole ATTENTION  DIVERTS from that particular person to other GOOD THINGS that are constructive and positive in nature). Also by doing this you accumulate merits.
Karmically you will get so busy doing healthy activities, meeting new people, creating new situations, new friendships, getting aware about new things, gaining knowledge and bringing smiles to people. In a way you won’t realise that you have stopped thinking about the person troubling you anymore.
You may be seeing him/her everyday, but he/she wont be ALIVE IN YOUR MIND  in the form of negative thoughts.
Once you achieve THIS state of mind, that person won’t trouble you anymore.  Any attempts to provoke you would fail as you have become mentally powerful.
This helps you in understanding and applying one of the other laws – Law of Attraction.
The more positive your thoughts, the more positivity you will attract for yourself  and vice versa.
Law of Attraction
In this situation you break your negative thought pattern by diverting your mind through engaging in positive activities, thus breaking the cycle.  By using the Law of Attraction, thinking good things, taking actions to help people, you provide yourself  with good days ahead and ultimately free yourself from the sufferings and the painful situation which you had that time.
This was a piece of advice given to me by one of the spiritual masters years ago.

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