Chutney recipe of Cauliflower Leaves

Nutritious cauliflower leaves

Did you know that cauliflower leaves are edible and highly nutritious? Watch my video below to create an nutritious accompaniment for all types of dishes using this amazing superfood.

Cauliflower leaves contain more than twice the amount of protein than that in cauliflower, double the amount of carbs, is a richer source of dietary fiber and the greens provide thrice the amount of minerals. It is also an exceptionally good source of calcium and is inexpensive as it is mostly thrown away.

Edible flowers

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Since ancient times flowers have been used for various purposes in various activities like colouring, dyeing, decorations,infusions,in making medicines, decoctions to  the present times in cakes too.

Edible flowers provide lots of health benefits.They can be had in both raw and cooked forms.

I am sharing three recipes where edible flowers have been used in raw form to make awesome salads. They can be used as splendid party starters, specially for vegans!!